He’s sung the “King’s” songs in local contests and Karaoke bars and while driving his UPS truck on deliveries. He’s received a great response from the audiences who’ve heard him sing - at the contests, in the clubs - and the customers he’s delivered mail to! Freddy really took a liking to that positive reaction and decided to finally get a jumpsuit, practice the moves and do it right! He was inspired by Elvis’ Gospel music, because he believed in the words that were sung and it left a positive impact on Freddy’s life. For that, Freddy will be forever grateful to Elvis. He also believes that the greatest form of respect to give an entertainer, is to give an impersonation that is respectful and from the heart. Now Gospel music is the dominant part of Freddy’s repertoire, the people appreciate it and he loves to sing it - Freddy’s ready and eager to meet new audiences and spread the message of peace and hope!

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“Freddy’s Ready”