“True Grit ”

In the face of any hardship, his ability to soften the hardest of hearts, is a natural gift - he just happens to be an ETA! You can read about what inspired him to found the “Love Me Tender Day Project” and what he hopes will happen by August 16th, 2002. From Gary Elvis’ first professional gig as an ETA in ‘97 (though singing since the age of five), performing at at Benefits, Charities, State Fairs, club and concert venues - it became his goal to help the needy around the world, in the spirit of Elvis. Entertaining from Saigon to Vegas, North, South, East & West - with coastal regions in between, he has reached out far beyond the call of duty and strives to spread the words of faith, hope and charity, to all. Always a kind word to be said, never a sad face shown and always a song sung that comes from way down deep in the heart. He’s true “grit”!

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