“The Dude”

Born in Scotland he came to Canada at the age of four and shortly after began singing lead tenor in several award winning choirs. He always loved Elvis movies and music and

incorporated Elvis’ tunes in bands he’d played bass and sang with as a teenager. As a young adult, Glenn became a DJ and even owned his own little Karaoke business. Upon seeing Ray Guillemette Jr perform in Collingwood in 2000, Glenn was so impressed by Ray’s vocal abilities and the class and dignity that he brought forward in his portrayal of Elvis, Glenn was inspired to give the ETA scene a try. He started singing Elvis songs at Karaoke and finished as a semi finalist or finalist in every contest he entered. By April 2001, Glenn began to sing with the well known troupe “ Memphis Motion”, helping them raise money for charities in Ontario. Glenn was a semi-finalist in Collingwood 2001 and a finalist at Elvis Fest 2001, has performed over 30 shows since April, recorded a demo, drew appreciation from the new fans and because of his participation with the audience, Glenn was nicknamed "THE DUDE" by Memphis Motion and is now joining the ranks of the pro ETAs!

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LOCATION: Brampton, Ontario