“Charro - Mio”

Back in ‘88, at sixteen years of age, he bought his first rock & roll record. He was fascinated by the flair of the 50‘s and soon fashioned his hair and clothes to follow the trend, but he was mostly impressed with the vocals in this style of music. One voice especially won his heart and soul - that of Elvis’. Marc found himself getting some vocal experience in Karaoke bars around Germany, until the day he attended a concert by ETA Manfred Kriegel, when Manfred invited Marc up to the stage to sing a few songs. That’s when he realized the power, magic and impact Elvis’ songs had on the audience, and made the decision to dedicate his career to reminding the world of Elvis’ musical and vocal brilliancy. Marc is now on the road with his band, bringing some of that magic he feels in his “Elvis Memorial Show“, to the people, humbly acknowledging that he couldn’t even come close to the real King, but hoping he can pay a respectful tribute to him.

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