“Give All - Give Back”

He’s been an Elvis fan since the age of ten and began “giving his all” at the age of sixteen singing in bars and using a fake ID. He’d also started writing songs at an early age, beginning to make a name for himself by having three top-ten singles in Canada. Rob is no stranger to the recording scene as a vocalist either. His first Elvis recording was Amazing Grace, which he did on a TV album that went “gold” in Canada. His travels paying tributes to Conway Twitty, Englebert, Neil Diamond and of course Elvis, have allowed him to work with a wide scope of stars from musicians, to record producers and acts like the Oak Ridge Boys, and has enjoyed the positive response from audiences everywhere. Rob’s show entitled “ Showcase OF Stars”, lets him perform over thirty voices and he’s very entertaining - but his first and foremost passion is in being an Elvis tribute artist and he aspires to have continued commercial success, so he can help other Canadians begin their journey down the ETA road, with a little help from a friend!

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LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

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