Mario was only twelve when Elvis died, but he still felt the shock over the loss of Elvis. He had been a fan since the age of seven and watched all the movies, listened to all the records - and even sang along. After a three year acting and musical theatre course in London at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in South West London, Mario began performing Elvis songs in various night clubs throughout the UK, while actively pursuing an acting career. He has landed roles in various films, appearing with artists such as Isabella Rossalini and Eric Roberts, to name a few, along with many TV commercials and magazine articles. People were made to become aware of the talents of Mario. By 1997, he began a dedicated career as an Elvis tribute artist, performing at a 200 seat seaside resort restaurant in England and wooing the audience with his captivating charm and essence of “Elvis”! He continues to enjoy a successful career all over Europe and other parts of the world, paying tribute to his most cherished memory - the king of rock and roll!

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