Smooth Starr

Ron’s smooth, rich voice can warm the coolest of hearts and make you forget your troubles. His CD entitled “Tomorrow Never Comes” gives you an idea of what he’s all about. You may be in Vegas watching him perform, or you may be anywhere in the mid west, but when you listen to him, you will understand his message to the public. It comes from the heart because he sings from the heart and he totally respects the man whose songs he is singing, Elvis Presley. Smooth, satisfying entertainment at his best!
Ron was a featured guest at LLM’s “Performer Showcase 2001”, and not only thrilled the house with a great 70’s Elvis tribute with a killer suit, he sang a Dion song as an encore and really had the room going with his energy, showmanship, and always great vocal. Very versatile.

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Ron Starr

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois