“Slick Scot”

He was enjoying a career as an air personality on a top 40 radio station and a musician in the Pacific Northwest, when in ‘92 - he just up and left for California to pursue an acting career! Having been an Elvis fan all of his life - and a musician who by chance resembled the King - came in handy when times were a little lean and he had to supplement his income as a 50‘s ETA ! Strumming his guitar and swiveling his hips eventually took him all over the world and kept audiences in a frenzy from Singapore to South America! Scot was now in popular demand and he portrayed Elvis in music videos with Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill & Tasmin Archer - in Sitcoms and Soap Operas - in movies and TV and in many commercials! Life is very busy for Scot and he loves it! He manages to perform his 50‘s tributes regularly across the US and squeezes in song writing and performances with his Rock-A-Billy band “The KingBees” at various local LA venues. A must see performance by a true talent - always an unforgettable exciting show - A slick act brought to you by one cool cat!

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LOCATION: Playa Del Ray, CA