“The Flash ”

It wasn’t his true dream to become an ETA but as fate would have it, it happened. Shon's profession is an Animal Control Officer and has been for 8 years. His love for animals and caring go hand in hand, but his love for Elvis and the music he sings is stronger. From reliving the early 50's, 60's and 70's, his shows are filled with excitement and enjoys fan, family and peer support. His energetic ability, hip shaking moves can knock a crowd to the floor in amazement and so he was dubbed “The Canadian Flash” Shon continued to entertain and enter and win contests, all with a burning passion - always keeping a love and respect for the man to whom he pays tribute! He is well received wherever he performs, not only as a fine entertainer, but as a very kind and loving individual.

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LOCATION: Kitchener, Ont

Shon is one of the 1st place winners of the 2002 People’s Choice Contest in Montreal