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Johnny Thompson

Paul Casey - Long Tall Sally Medley
Eddie Miles - Wearnin' That Loved On Look
David Lee - T-R-O-U-B-L-E
Matt King - I Got a Woman
Doug Church - Almost In Love
Travis LeDoyt - Shake Rattle & Roll
Rich Wilson - It's Your Baby
Bryan Pittman - Heartbreak Hotel
Reggie Randolph - Hot Dog
Lee Ronson - Just Pretend
Jason Knight - Thing About You
David Lane - I Gotta Know
John Loos - Pledging My Love
Sam Formica - Teddy-Cruel
Jesse Aron - Bringin' it Back
Bob James - Good Luck Charm
Michael O'Conner - That's Alright mama
Silver Elvis - I Really Don't Want to Know
Rod Carpenter - I Miss You
Art Kleiner - Wonderful Life
Matt Scott - Little Sister
Thane Dunn - In The Ghetto
David Massa - I Need Somebody

Keith Henderson - I’ll Be Home Christmas
George Elias - Long Lonely Highway
Greg Winston - One Night With You
Mike Powell - Don’t Be Cruel
Harvey McFadden - Anyway You Want
Eddie Miles - Treat Me Nice
Doug Church - You’ll Never Walk Alone
Paige Poole - Here Comes Santa
Marcus Wells - How Great Thou Art
Kavan - I Got Lucky
Johnny Thompson - Teddy / Cruel
Charlie B. - Love Me Tender
Jim Anderson - Help Me
Stewart Duff - Bossa Nova
Jim Van Hollebeke - Tender Feeling
Brian Simpson - If I Get Home Christmas
Dan Jackman - Down In The Alley
Bruce Seaton - Young Dreams
Curtis Cowan - Little Sister
Officer Elvis - I Was The One
Jesse Aron - American Trilogy
Nigel Perreira - Thinking About You
Bibby Simmons - Kentucky Rain
Garry Wesley (as Flea-Vis ) - Blue Christ

Playlist December 2003

Thane Dunn


Bob James


Playlist January 2004

Carl Brandon - Long Lonely Highway
Tom Alston - Rubberneckin’
John Barron - Blue Suede Shoes
Roy Evans - Never Walk Alone
Jeff Powell - I’m Left You’re Right
Jesse Aron - My Happiness
Doug Church - Love Song Of The Year
Ted Torres - Viva Las Vegas
Garry Wesley - Never Fall In Love
Walt Sanders - Let It Be Me
Kraig Parker - Never Been To Spain
Michael O’Connor - Proud Mary
Rick Duin - Wooden Heart
Danny Boy Squire - Walk A Mile
Rick Alviti - Funny How Time
Paul Ross - Angel
Don Edwards - Young And Beautiful
Rick Virga - CC Rider
Eddie Falcon - For The Heart
Jeff Warren - Puppet On A String
Michael King - Just Can’t Help Believin’
Martin Fox - Treat Me Nice
Eddie Miles - If I Can Dream

Playlist February 2004

Tom Connelly - Suspicious Minds
Frank Anthony - That’s Alright Mama
Keith Henderson - Unchained Melody
Kerry Summers - Impossible Dream
Kjell - Devil In Disguise
Jay Zanier - Kissin’ Cousins
Doug Church - Solitaire
Jim Cartwright - Love Letters
Mike Bravener - Paralyzed
Dale (Dalevis) Beshears - Follow That Dream
Jesse Wade - So Lonesome I Could Cry
Art Kleiner - This Is The Story
Brian Simpson - If You Love Me
Patrick Johnson - Teddy Bear
David Muggeridge - Always On My Mind
Jesse Aron - How Great Thou Art
Chad Langenfeld - Don’t Be Cruel
Eddie Miles - Let It Be Me
Jeff Powell - Almost
Alex Arron - Good Luck Charm
Neil J. Duncan - Wonder Of You

Playlist March 2004


Michael King


Carl Brandon


Rick Virga


Tom Alston

James Begley

Tom Connely


Roustabouts - Mystery Train
Memphis King - I Can Help
James King - Slicing Sand
Doug Church - How Great Thou Art
Eddie Miles - There Goes My Every...
Rick Duin - Margarita
Kjell Jorung - Blue Moon Kentucky
Jesse Aron - Tell Me Why
Mike Bravener - Don’t Be Cruel
Tom Connelly - Medley
David Muggeridge - Mountain
Pete Paquette - Got A Lot O’ Livin’
Mike Morrissette - Baby What Ya Want
James Begley - One Night With You
Glenn Aitchison - Now Or Never
Will Thompson - Fever
Dan Champagne - Viva Las Vegas
Brad Crum - Suspicion
David Allen - Until It’s Time
Bill Chrastil - US Male
Jimmy T. - Help Me

Playlist April 2004

Playlist May 2004

Jesse Aron - I Can Help
Vili V - Such A Night
Stuart MacLeod - Any Way You Want Me
Colbert Hamilton - Dixieland Rock
Paul Casey - Big Hunk O’ Love
Eddie Miles - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
Jim K Smith - Hot Dog
Kevin Stevens - Good Luck Charm
Doug Church - It’s Over
Ray Anthony - I Beg Of You
Bill Chrastil - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Kjell Bjornstad - American Trilogy
Danny Stirling - Tiger Man
John Barron - Grass Won’t Pay No Mind
George Elias - Viva Dinero Y Amor
Keith Henderson - Promised Land
Rob Ely - Teddy Bear
Bernardo Sibuma - I’m Right, You’re Left
Art Kleiner - Thrill Of Love
Joey Ashmore - Separate Ways
Freddy B - Don’t Ya Think It’s Time
Joey Franklin - Long Tall Sally (Medley)
George Pateras - Girl Next Door


Elvis and the Roustabouts

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Rick Lenzi - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Damon Hendrix - What Ya Want Me To Do
Dennis Fillion - Tryin To Get To You
Clint Lucier - Power Of My Love
Matt Joyce - That's Alright Mama
Peter Alden - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Jesse Aron - Adam And Evil
John Loos - Memories
Doug Church - I'll Remember You
Garry Wesley - America The Beautiful
Ray Guillemette Jr. - Heartbreak Hotel
Chris Macdonald - Little Less Conversation
The Roustabouts - Johnny B. Goode
Scotty Davis - Don't Ask Me Why
Ray Anthony - Ain't That Lovin You Baby
Steve Dupuis - Peace In The Valley
Eddie Miles - Devil In Disguise
David Muggeridge - I've Lost You
Andrew Howard - In The Ghetto
Steve Murphy - I'll Never Know

Keshav Patel - Little Sister

Playlist June 2004

Rio - Susan When She Tried
Timothy Ray - Treat Me Nice
Justin Shandor - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Paige Poole - Run On
Bill Chrastil - Are You Sincere
Shawn Klush - Polk Salad Annie
Ray Anthony - Indescribably Blue
Jesse Aron - Night Rider
Peter Alden - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
David Muggeridge - Separate Ways
Keith Henderson - Just Pretend
Marcus Wells - Milk Cow Blues
Matt Scott - Long Tall Sally
Danny Boy Squire - Have I told You Lately
Eddie Miles - It Hurts Me
Doug Church - Softly
Garry Wesley - How Great Thou Art
Matt Joyce - Baby Let's Play House
Brad Bradley - Early Morning Rain
Roy Leblanc - Blue Moon Turns To Gold
Tony King - You'll Think Of Me
Hans Ruijter - Memories
Dale Beshears - Suspicious Minds

Playlist July 2004

Playlist August 2004

Eddie Miles - That’s Alright Mama Concert
Travis Ledoyt - Shake Rattle Roll
Garry Wesley - Wooden Heart
Roy Evans - I Was The One
Michael King - Just Can’t Help Believing
Shawn Klush - Honky Tonk Angel
Damon Hendrix - Steamroller Blues
Scotty Davis - Mess O’ Blues
Doug Church - Never Ending
Bryan Pittman - My Babe
Harvey McFadden - Don’t Be Cruel
Jesse Aron - All That I Am
Kerry Summers - Wonder Of You
Hank Hubert - Teddy Bear
Bill Kelly - You Don’t Know Me
Paige Poole - If You Love Me
Keith Henderson - What Now My Love
Anthony Von - Don’t Cry Daddy
Don Tharrett - It’s Now Or Never
Art Kleiner - Suppose
Jimmy T - Mountain
David Allen - Jailhouse Rock
David Lee - I Got A Woman/Amen

Danny Vernon - Suspicious Minds
Darren Lee - Kiss Me Quick
Donnie Edwards - KuUiPo
Brian Simpson - Fame & Fortune
Jesse Aron - Slowly But Surely
Gino Monopoli - Shake, Rattle & Roll
Pete Paquette - Return To Sender
Robin Kelly - Surrender
Walt Sanders - Don’t
Doug Church - Mine
James Aron - T-R-O-U-B-L-E
Deke Rivers - For The Heart
Mike Walker - My Boy
Kraig Parker - Kentucky Rain
Eddie Miles - Sweet Caroline
William Stiles - It’s Your Baby
Adam Michaels - Burning Love
Clint Lucier - GI Blues
David Lane - Marie’s The Name
Jim Van Hollebeke - Raised On Rock
Shawn Klush - Promised Land
Fred Lowery - Walk A Mile
Kjell Bjornestad - Love Me
Steve West - Can’t Help Falling In Love

Playlist September 2004

Playlist October 2004

Jesse Aron - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Stuart Duff - Cindy Cindy
Adam King - One Sided Love Affair
Big Mike - It Hurts Me
Patrick Johnson - Teddy Bear
Shawn Barker - Treat Me Nice
Doug Church - Twenty Days & Nights
Mike Morrissette - Suspicious Minds
David Allen - Blue Suede Shoes
Eddie Miles - Funny How Time Slips
Ron Moore - Fun In Acapulco
Jason Sikes - My Baby Left Me
Jack Favor - Way Down
Jeff Krick - One Night With You
Larry D Sanders - Don’t
Peter Sisman - Always On My Mind
David Muggeridge - For The Good Times
Jim Westover - Wonder Of You
Rick Duin - Speedway
David Crews - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Marcus Wells - Never Been To Spain

Playlist November 2004

Roberto Baggio - Rubberneckin’
Paul Molloy - Fever
Junior Talley - Let Us Pray
Jim Brown - That’s Alright Mama
Dany Vincent - All Shook Up
David Allen - If You Love Me
David Muggeridge - Walkin’ By My Side
Rick Duin - Viva El Amore
Marcus Wells - I’m Hurt
Ron Moore - Angel
Matt Scott - 68 Medley
Jesse Aron - Rags To Riches
Patrick Johnson - Suspicious Minds
Jim Westover - Can’t Help Falling In Love
Danny Boy Squire - The Man In The Sky
John Loos - Love Coming Down
Chris Presley - Don’t Be Cruel
Eddie Miles - Who Am I
Dave Lomond - Johnny B. Goode
Joe Scibetta - Baby I Don’t Care
Adam King - I Miss You
David Masa - Anyone
Don Francis - Feeling In My Body
Marcos Elvis - Early Morning Rain
Doug Church - So Close Yet So Far


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