I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gino Monopoli and all 10 ETAs for giving us the chance to show Montreal how proud we are of you. You all have the ability to represent the nature of Elvis Presley - You are among the voices of Elvis Tribute Artist Radio and among the faces of Lady Luck Music.

We represent the Elvis Tribute Artist - We are the voice who ensures the people are aware of your sincerity , as you all strive to keep the memory of Elvis Presley alive in our hearts. God bless each and everyone of you and thank you for your voices, your spirits and above all your hearts -

Adios until the next time, Elvisly yours, Joanna

On February 28th and March 1st 2003, LLM’s 2nd annual People’s Choice Contest was held in Montreal to the delight of 600 people having a very difficult job ahead of them - voting for their favorite Elvis entertainer. All 10 ETAs paid their best tribute to the “King” and all 10 came out winners in the eyes of all. Each performer depicted an Elvis quality - some the look, some the voice, some the stage presence - but all shared one quality in common, the heart of Elvis.

With two venues and two very different audiences, it is a hard task for any ETA to figure out what the people expect from them, in order for the crowd to make their decision on who should win. Yet all 10 men came to the same conclusion - all they could possibly do, was their best. They made a point of reaching out to all the people, from the front of the room to the back. As a result, the audiences were left in an awe-stuck stage, totally elated with the ETA’s performances, and when it came time to vote, they were the ones who had the hard task of choosing!