The mark of a true professional is to cling to the adage “the show must go on” in spite of any fluke behind the scenes technical problems. David Lee, with his smooth voice and definite aura of Elvis, moved through the crowd re-kindling memories of the King with his manner and gait - the audience was none the wiser that David was burdened with a technical problem LLM was having during his performance. David will also be remembered by Montreal as the humble and charitable ETA from Alabama. Certainly he must be used to the attention he received both on the stage and off, yet David took the time to look beyond the screaming crowd in front of him, and seek the fans who didn’t have such a forceful presence, greeting them with a special “hello” and touching their heart.
On the Saturday night, (with a really close count from 1st), David brought his 2nd place trophy back to Alabama!