Give an “A” to “Z” !

Can you imagine being turned into an Elvis fan by your 3yr. old son? It happened to the Zeligman’s when they arrived from England to the U.S. After viewing a documentary called “This Is Elvis”, young Dean swept everything off the dining room table, hopped on top of it, then began mimicking his new found idol, Elvis. Shortly after his home performance, his mother Jackie entered him in a talent contest at his sister’s school where he was adored by the audience and affectionately labeled the “littlest Elvis”. Dean loved performing because the crowd loved him! He also enjoys doing a tribute to all three eras, whether the venue be at a contest or charity benefit. By the age of 11, he had appeared in several night clubs and been on various T.V. Shows, from Vegas to California. Dean now is at the tender age of 17, with a budding career ahead of him. He sure does get an “A” for effort!

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LOCATION: Lancaster, California

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