Captured “Heart”, by “Heart”!

Once known as “America’s teenager”, this now 20yr old began his career at the age of three, right along side his Dad, jumpsuit and all! But his talent and youthfulness wasn’t the only thing he became noted for. He holds the 1999 record for singing Elvis’ 740 songs, which he memorized, and as well, practically every movie line, complete with expressions! He was the first tribute artist to be allowed to perform at the Tupelo Fair in Mississippi, a venue not played since Elvis himself back in 1957. Jamie Aaron Kelley incorporates both audio and visual elements into his venues, which add to the excitement on the stage, such as the “TCB” dancers and elaborate set decor, that help make the picture perfect for the “movie years” songs. There is an on going action full of excitement during a two hour show! Jamie’s father should be credited with Jamie’s production, because as a retired tribute artist himself, he knows what the people want to see, and that is, the true “Heart” of Elvis portrayed on a stage.

LOCATION: Boone, Iowa

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