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LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario


Gino has won the hearts of the Montreal audience on many occasions, click on the banners below to see and hear Gino at these exciting events

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and all points in between, Gino Monopoli performs to sold-out audiences. Multi-award winning and The Canadian National Grand Champion 2003, and “THE WORLD’S FINEST ELVIS 2004”, Gino hails from Toronto.
Gino has been singing ELVIS songs ever since he can remember. His uncanny resemblance to THE KING is almost scary. Virtually every contest Gino enters whether it’s Collingwood or Memphis, he walks away with 1st Place or Runner-Up. Not one day passes without someone approaching him and saying, “You look live ELVIS”. Gino modestly replies with a “Thank you” and continues on his way.
When Gino performs you can expect a three-hour journey through the life and times of ELVIS’ illustrious career. He enacts the 50’s with the hip-swinging, leg-shaking style of ELVIS. Gino does justice to the sexy, black leather rendition of the now famous ’68 Comeback Special. The 70’s brought about a cool, laid-back arrangement for the concert era, and GINO portrays this with an impressive likeness to “THE KING OF ROCK ‘N ROLL”.
All of Gino’s concerts are backed with the top ElvisTribute Bands Canada has to offer.
We are sure you will agree this is one entertainer you won’t want to miss.
Written by April Hill