King Chose To Sing The “King”

Born in Liecester, England in 1964, Tony started singing at the age of fifteen. But it was more of a passion to sing and a love for the Elvis music he would hear from his father’s collection of Elvis records, that inspired him to perform. At one school event, his music teacher played “Falling In Love” on the piano and implored Tony to sing the song in front of 300 students. He was a hit! By 16, he’d formed his own band, playing cover tunes of many artists, and written and recorded over 30 originals. In a nine year period, he had performed over 1600 shows. His passion remained, through all of that, singing Elvis songs. Tony’s father was not only an Elvis fan, but an American, so the family moved to the States, where he continued his career, singing and recording Elvis songs, though he says not as an official tribute artist..... until now!

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LOCATION: Plympton, MA.

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