“Illusions of the King”

Playing in his Grandmother’s house as a child, he was surrounded by the love of his family, the love of Elvis’ music, was made aware of what kind of family values Elvis had and dreamed of one day becoming an ETA. Keith brought those fond memories with him as he presented his ETA show - “Illusions Of The King“ to the many audiences around the world. The audiences loved him at first glance and he loved them right back. He promised to represent himself and Elvis in the most positive way he could and continues to do just that. With the support of his family, Keith’s wife Sarah handles promotions and scheduling, his son Chad handles all the technical aspects of the show, daughter Lauren performs on stage with him, while his parents look on with pride - Keith creates the illusion the fans want to see ! Keith is also the winner of the 2002 Isle Of Capri contest in Biloxi, Mississippi - obviously with good reason!

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LOCATION: Chapel Hill, NC