“Ambassador ”

He’s made his mark in four corners of Quebec as the province’s ambassador, devoting much of his ETA career to various fund raisers and charities, though he became well known because he’s played almost every bar in the province! Meeting people in the Elvis world became a passion, as he toured other provinces and eventually made his way to Memphis. Scotty made the acquaintances of DJ Fontana and many other of Elvis’ friends and associates and that was the ultimate thrill for Scotty. In ’97, he met up with some of his American peers at the Elvis show at the Hippodrome in Montreal, all of whom welcomed him into the ETA fold. He has the heart, melodic voice, charm and the drive to perfect his performance, which he hopes will one day will please the fans abroad as much as he pleases them in his province. Scotty will always have a soft spot for the the needy and so he maintains the reputation of ambassador, where charities take priority over the dollar!

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LOCATION: Valleyfield, Qc