“Country To King”

Growing up with country music, Michael began singing at the age of thirteen. Though greatly influenced by Johnny Cash, he developed his own style of singing, which suited his needs - so he thought! The instant he was introduced to Elvis’ voice, he was quick to abandon every idea he’d ever had and wanted to sing just like Elvis and nobody else. For six years, Michael has been entering contests and meeting other ETAs, to get the real feel of the ETA world. He’s now trying to capture the kindness and humility that Elvis had and incorporate those emotions in his performances - as well as constantly trying to improve his vocal and visual performance - and that’s a tough job in itself. But his efforts are not in vain, as he truly tries to respect the man and the artist he admires most - the“ King Of Rock & Roll“ - and the people seem to like him!

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LOCATION: Mt. Pleasant, SC